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15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki
15 Bishoujo HyouryuukiT-Rex

After a heavy storm, Kazuma Shiraishi finds himself stranded on an uninhabited island somewhere in the Pacific. However, his situation may not be so unlucky, as 15 beautiful women are also marooned alongside him. Kazuma seizes the chance to have sex with these ladies, all while recording his raunchy deeds with three cameras he miraculously found lying on the shore. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

3Piece The Animation
3Piece The AnimationStudio 1st

Yuji went to a fireworks festival with his stepmother. The crowded festive atmosphere captured both of them. However, it seems that Mira has a little more “grand” plans for her stepson than just eating well and having fun. Not a single living soul can prevent a woman’s desires.

Aibeya The Animation
Aibeya The AnimationSeven

With his parents abroad and his house in renovation all of a sudden, Kouta Kazama ends up staying at the home of his neighbor, Aki Hayama, sharing a room with her. Being childhood friends, they used to be very close, but now, as a man and woman sleeping together, it might not take too long for them to realize their true feelings for each other. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Aikagi The Animation
Aikagi The AnimationSeven

It was the last winter of his school life and with entrance exams and graduation edging closer, Nozomu didn’t know what to do. He was told to become independent, but he couldn’t find a suitable place to live by himself. His childhood friend Shiori couldn’t stand watching him in his current state and suggested that he live with her. While he thought that it wouldn’t really make him independent, his parents readily agreed to the idea. Before he knew it, they were living together under the same roof. Their cohabitation was only to last one month. Since it’s only for a short period and she’s his childhood friend, he thought that nothing wrong will happen. However, living together with Shiori revealed to him a side which he hadn’t seen before, and he began to see her as a woman. Where will their relationship end up now that he had begun to have feelings for her? (Source: VNDB)

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni
Ajisai no Chiru Koro niT-Rex

Yuuta Yamano and Shinomiya Natsuha are dating. But it seems that he has no idea that she is hiding a secret relationship that gives her more satisfaction than dating him. (Source: PageHentai)

Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru
Akane wa Tsumare SomerareruT-Rex

A baseball team manager will do anything to help and protect her teammate boyfriend, including taking sex education classes with her coach.

Alignment You! You! The Animation
Alignment You! You! The AnimationT-Rex

Takahashi loves Oohara, and Oohara loves Takahashi, but neither of them knows of the others’ feelings yet. Moreover, Takahashi died. How can their love come to be now?

Ana no Oku no Ii Tokoro
Ana no Oku no Ii TokoroStudio 9 Maiami

Based on the adult manga by Nagare Ippon.

Anata wa Watashi no Mono
Anata wa Watashi no MonoNew Generation

Based on the game by Soft Circle Courreges.

Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Neesan no Shitagi
Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Neesan no ShitagiNur

Ema, the student council president, is a quiet, beautiful, and perfect girl. Her younger sister, Ruka, enjoys popularity comparable to that of an idol and is always the center of attention. Despite this, their younger brother Mizuki is rather ordinary. Since childhood, Mizuki has been the target of teasing from Ema and treated demanding by Ruka. However, his life takes a turn when he enters a romantic relationship.

Ane Kyun!: Joshi ga Ie ni Kita!
Ane Kyun!: Joshi ga Ie ni Kita!Studio 1st

Honoka arrived at home with snacks, juice and candies which are her brother’s, named Hirokazu, favorite stuff. However, she noticed there has been an unexpected guest – Akazaki. She attends the same class as Hirokazu and for that matter he invited her for a study session and Honoka misunderstood her as his girlfriend. Will Hirokazu make up with his sister in a secret way while Akazaki is still in their house? Based on the adult manga by Yuzuki N’. (Source: BakaBT, edited)

Ane☆HaramixAnime Antenna Iinkai

Since the early death of his parents, Takami Akitoshi has lived alone with his beautiful elder sister, Hitomi, while concealing his dirty desires for her. One day, a mysterious girl named Mina enters his room. She introduces herself as Death and explains that she came to take his soul because he had reached the end of his lifespan. Hearing his screams, Hitomi runs in and, after the situation is explained to her, asks Mina to spare him. Mina, moved by her earnestness, tells them that if Takami fathers a child within a week, she will let him live another 10 years. Hearing her condition, he turns his face to Hitomi… (Source: AnimeNfo)

Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister The Animation
Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister The AnimationOffice Takeout

Takumi just cannot stop fantasizing about Saki-senpai, her voluptuous body just stands out anywhere. One day she talks to him on the train and they become friends. Whenever he can, Takumi stares at her form, always getting a hard-on. The next day he finds out they have the same fetish… and so the story begins. (Source: AniDB)

Aniyome wa Ijippari
Aniyome wa IjippariOz Inc.

Based on the game by Tinker Bell. Tsutomu’s parents passed away several years ago, before that they ran a flower shop. Now it’s run by his older brother’s wife, Mai and he is living with them. Tsutomu’s brother now works somewhere else, so Mai is left alone and her only support is Tsutomu, who helps her running the flower shop. Because Tsutomu’s brother is busy and haven’t been home for a while, Mai feels very lonely which Tsutomu notices and decides to support and satisfy Mai while his brother is away. Now there’s also Kozue, Mai’s friend and senpai who recently got hired as part-time worker. Kozue has noticed Tsutomu and Mai’s relationship and she envies them because she is also very lonely, because her husband is rarely home. Mai sympathizes with Kozue and allows her to date Tsutomu. Now what will happen as these three indulge themselves to their desires and feelings? (Source: AniDB)

Ano Ko no Kawari ni Suki na Dake
Ano Ko no Kawari ni Suki na DakeBlue bread

Her daughter found the perfect husband… muscular, tall, handsome, polite, always cheerful and has a huge bright smile with a similarly bright future ahead of him. While looking through some clothes that her daughter had left she found something a bit…revealing and after her husband came in and mistook her for her daughter, she found out he had not been getting the attention he needed so desperately… What is a mother to do? [Written by ShrSha]

Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!?
Araiya-san!: Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!?Magic Bus

“Is This Really Massage…?” Souta started to work part-time at Sentou, which is his hometown, as a back washer, he ends up washing Aoi, who is his classmate but trying to cover her identity… As he massages her with days of hate from her harassment continues, He realized that Aoi has in love with him one-sided…! When he touches her hot skin, She realizes that the one who washes her is Souta. A love comedy between a clumsy guy and girl behind the red curtain! (Source: MAL News)

Baka na Imouto wo Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no xx dake na Ken ni Tsuite
Baka na Imouto wo Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no xx dake na Ken ni TsuiteCollaboration Works

To overcome his attraction for his younger sister Hana, Yuuichi Mitsui made sure to enroll at a university far away from his home. Unfortunately, being separated from her only strengthened his feelings. He continues to feel guilty for harboring illicit thoughts when suddenly, Hana shows up at his doorstep on a summer morning, looking more beautiful than ever. However, despite her physical maturity, her intellect is that of a child. Consequently, Yuuichi tries to hold back from laying a hand on his innocent sister. But it is easier said than done, especially when Hana’s ignorance—combined with her innocence—makes her a woman that Yuuichi can’t help but desire. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Bakunyuu Oyako
Bakunyuu OyakoY.O.U.C

What happens when a big-breasted mother and her equally-endowed daughter want to fight over the same guy? Thanks to hentai authors Blue Gale (SPOTLIGHT / PUNISHMENT) and Producers Shiyuuta Biwajima and Chikara Niki (SEX WARD / GIRL NEXT DOOR / HOOLIGAN), you’re about to find out! The Battle of the Busts! Yusuke has a problem – the kind of problem any guy would love to have. You see, there’s this girl named Reina, who wants him to be her “private tutor”… oh, and she just happens to have gigantic breasts. Huge, massive, watermelon-sized gazongas that taste sweet and are as soft as marshmallows. So, what could Yusuke’s problem possibly be? Well, when he goes to Reina’s house to give her “lessons”, he has a run-in with Reina’s mom. And boy, is her mom ever stacked. Those triple-F-cup beauties are even bigger than Reina’s! Plus, she’s got the whole “sexual mid-life crisis” going on… she pours it on hot and heavy, and really wants Yusuke to take her for a ride. Still not seeing the problem? Well each of these lovely ladies wants Yusuke for her own, so when mom catches Yusuke and Reina in the act, the fight is on -and Yusuke’s trapped in the middle! Those two may be mother and daughter, but when it comes to winning Yusuke, they’ll go to any length to prove their sexual skill! Good luck ladies, and may the best boobs win! (Source: AniDB)

Boku dake no Hentai Kanojo Motto♥ The Animation
Boku dake no Hentai Kanojo Motto♥ The AnimationStudio 1st

After confronting Hina Takigawa about her exhibitionist fetish, Yonezu starts to think of more ways to fulfill his girlfriend’s sexual needs. It does not take long for the situation to get out of hand, however, when Yonezu forces Hina to do things against her will. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Boku dake no Hentai Kanojo The Animation
Boku dake no Hentai Kanojo The AnimationStudio 1st

Hina Takigawa may appear to be a regular high school student at an all-girls institution, but she actually has a perverted secret. When school ends for the day, she likes to go to a nearly hidden zone in a park to pee and masturbate due to the adrenaline rush she gets from the possibility of being caught. One day, Hina’s boyfriend, Yonezu, follows her in secret and finds out about her depraved fetish. Displeased with the conventional sex they are having, Yonezu decides to confront his girlfriend about her public masturbation fetish after seeing how much she enjoys it. To improve their sex life, they begin to have public sex, accepting all the exciting risks that come with it. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Boku no Pico
Boku no PicoBlue Cat

Upbeat and effeminate Pico is working at his grandfather’s coffee shop, Café Bebe, for the summer. Tamotsu is a white-collar worker looking for an escape from the mundanity of his everyday life. When they meet at the café, sparks of love and lust quickly draw the two together. Conventional notions of age, gender, and sexuality are broken down as the pair seeks carnal gratification in one another’s company. But do the pleasures of flesh equate to a connection between hearts? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation
Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The AnimationStudio 1st

On the first day of his residency at the hospital, the first step to fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor, Takuya met his childhood friend Mio for the first time in many years. She was now a nurse and showed him around during his busy training days. One day, he fell down the stairs while protecting her and broke his right arm and left leg. As a result, his residency was put on hold while he was hospitalized. He was placed in Mio’s ward and she felt responsible for the accident. To cheer her up, he suggested that she could take care of him whenever she has free time, to which she readily agreed. It is the beginning of a hospital love story between a medical intern and a nurse who would go above her duties to take care of him. (Source: VNDB)

Boy Meets Harem The Animation
Boy Meets Harem The AnimationOffice Takeout

An unfortunate accident befalls Naoki Shindou and his whole class when lightning strikes the airplane they were traveling in for their overseas trip. The only ones able to survive are himself, his classmates Momoka Kiriyama and Kana Miyamura, their teacher Sanae Nakazono, and the flight attendant Asami Kakinuma. Now stranded on an island and far from rescue, it might prove to be too challenging to keep their sexual instincts at bay. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Cherry & Gal’s↑↑
Cherry & Gal’s↑↑BreakBottle

The story is about a girl that can’t do it socialize with your group because they only talk about sex. On seeing how she feels, her friend tries to help her by letting her have sex with her younger brother, so that she knows what the experience is and can participate in the conversations of her group. [Written by manodoshentais]

Chicchana Onaka
Chicchana OnakaStudio 9 Maiami

Based on the adult manga by Ayumu Shouji.

Chijoku no Seifuku
Chijoku no SeifukuT-Rex

Based on the game by Bishop.

Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki
Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu NikkiT-Rex

An honor student who finds herself blackmailed by a scrotum professor who takes her virginity and does various perverse things.

D+vine Luv
D+vine LuvExecutive Decision

Hyde is a traveling treasure hunter who arrived in Arville with his childhood friend Sakura. Near Arville is a cave, its the largest ruin of the world. Hyde came across a dying man, whom placed a mysterious amulet within Hyde’s hands. A week later, the amulet started to glow. (Source: ANN)

Delivery Chi*ko wo Tanomitai Oneesan
Delivery Chi*ko wo Tanomitai OneesanShion

A freelancing girl who’s addicted to the act of ‘self-pleasing’ found a site where they offered ‘express delivery’ of ‘their special service’.

Dokidoki Oyako Lesson: Oshiete H na Obenkyou
Dokidoki Oyako Lesson: Oshiete H na ObenkyouT-Rex

Based on the hentai game by Tinker Bell. Shio Atsushi is a professor who will provide home class to two daughters of different families: Arisa and Maya. But it seems this won’t be only educational purpose since the two girls show interest to that man.

DropoutRyuu M's

To address the alarming problem of unemployment, a special government program is introduced to conscript so-called “dropouts”—young people who are either unable to find a job or have failed high school—into compulsory labor. Although this initially entailed simple manual work, it soon turned into dropout girls having to perform mandatory sexual services for men. As one’s own academic performance determines which dropout they receive, fierce competition for the finest sex partners has emerged between men all across the country. At the top of his school, Ryouta Niimi is awarded with the best dropout Japan has to offer. His new “study partner” is Reika Shichijou, his former crush. Having been assigned a girl so sweet and well-endowed, Niimi soon becomes the target of his classmates’ envy. How did Reika, who used to be a model student herself, end up in this humiliating and subservient role—and why is she enjoying it so much? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Ecchi na Oneechan ni Shiboraretai
Ecchi na Oneechan ni ShiboraretaiT-Rex

Based on the doujin manga by Joy Ride/Yorokobi No Kuni.

Enjo Kouhai
Enjo KouhaiMajin

A special governmental program has been introduced to counteract the declining birth rates of demi-human races suffering due to a lack of male members. Through a so-called “assistance system,” randomly selected humans are required to mate with designated partners—be it elves, sirens, or even dragons. Iris Thea Eaderlindt, an elven princess known for her open-mindedness and friendly attitude towards humans, is transferred to the Ark Metropolitan Academy. Coincidentally, her new teacher has been selected as her mating partner. Anxious yet determined to fulfill her duty of securing the future of her race, she starts partaking in sexual activities with him. To her surprise, Iris discovers that her partner’s ancestors were orcs, well known for their extraordinary sexual prowess. As more demi-human students join the class and find out about their teacher’s “side job,” it becomes increasingly difficult for Iris to keep her partner’s attention solely on her. [Written by MAL Rewrite]