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Akane wa Tsumare Somerareru
Akane wa Tsumare SomerareruT-Rex

A baseball team manager will do anything to help and protect her teammate boyfriend, including taking sex education classes with her coach.

Ajisai no Chiru Koro ni
Ajisai no Chiru Koro niT-Rex

Yuuta Yamano and Shinomiya Natsuha are dating. But it seems that he has no idea that she is hiding a secret relationship that gives her more satisfaction than dating him. (Source: PageHentai)

Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori Houkoku
Yarichin Kateikyoushi Netori HoukokuT-Rex

While being a home tutor to the young Shizuku, Kurisu gets asked an unusual favor by her father. He wants Kurisu to have sex with his wife, Akari, because he cannot satisfy her after suffering from erectile dysfuntion for two years. There are several conditions to the agreement however. One of them is that Akari’s husband wants Kurisu to record all their escapades in the hope of curing his erectile dysfunction. Kurisu agrees to the conditions, but it doesn’t take long for him to include Shizuku into the deal.