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Sex Friend Osananajimi: Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara – The Animation
Sex Friend Osananajimi: Shojo to Doutei wa Hazukashii tte Minna ga Iu kara – The AnimationSeven

After more than 15 years, a fateful encounter at a highschool reunion brought 2 childhood friends back together to reminisce about their three years spent together. they were each others’ ‘first time’ and more than sex friends but less than lovers.

Peace Hame!
Peace Hame!Studio 9 Maiami

Second-year high schooler Tamao Tsukamu, a short and perverted boy, is hopelessly in love with his senior and fellow kendo club member, Kiritani Konome. Beautiful, accomplished, and adored by all, she seems like the perfect romantic interest for Tamao. Yet there is just one issue: Kiritani is already engaged to the giant of a man who is the student council president! When Kiritani summons Tamao to the student council room, the president extends him an invitation to the yearbook committee. However, Tamao will not be helping with the regular album—instead, he will be contributing to a secret section composed of revealing photos of the female students. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaasan The Animation
Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaasan The AnimationOffice Takeout

Kyouko has incestuous feelings toward her son. The story slowly progresses into the son realizing his own feelings toward his mom. Later on, a friend of her son’s, Shin, blackmails her into doing whatever he wants. Slowly, she starts enjoying herself more and more. Will she break or fall for her son?


Lured to a cursed island by a carnal cult, victims are brought to the throes of ecstasy, then brutally sacrificed in a bloody occult ritual. When sexy Ryo visits her late mother’s island home, she’s in for a terrifying surprise. Can she escape with her life and her virtue intact. (Source: ANN)

Alignment You! You! The Animation
Alignment You! You! The AnimationT-Rex

Takahashi loves Oohara, and Oohara loves Takahashi, but neither of them knows of the others’ feelings yet. Moreover, Takahashi died. How can their love come to be now?

Mama Puri!?
Mama Puri!?Y.O.U.C

One day, my father suddenly says to me, “I think you’ll need your mother, Keita.” My mother passed away when I was a kid. I was sad at first, but I somehow managed to accept it. But why now…? Anyway, my father brings four ladies in front of me and says, “The girl who goes with you the best will become your mother. You live with them for a while and score them.” I don’t need my mother anymore, so I just give them low scores. Like this, I start living together with four ladies… (Source: Himeya Shop)