Himekishi Lilia

Himekishi Lilia

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  • EnglishHimekishi Lilia
  • SynonymsPrincess Knight Lilia
  • Episodes6
  • Aired[object Object]
  • Studios
  • Producers
  • SourceVisual novel
  • Duration27 min per ep
  • RatingRx - Hentai

Himekishi Lilia


The princess knight Lilia Evelvine is set to succeed her father as the ruler of the Leuven kingdom, but her jealous brother, Dirk, will do anything to halt her ascension to the throne. With the aid of Kiriko, his court enchantress, and Sand, the servant of the King of Demons, the dastardly prince enacts a coup to gain control of the castle and become the next king. He succeeds, but not before being reminded of his agreement with Sand: to extract the holy energy within Lilia as a tribute to the King of Demons. Dirk then proceeds to corrupt his mother and Lilia with all sorts of perversions, hoping to fulfill his task on time while turning the two into his loyal slaves.

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